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Thursday, 26 November 2015 11:07

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Poor people proceed from poverty to prosperity and power provided they are prepared to pay the price.

Nomathemba Ndlovu

We will then need help in order to make this project a success or a reality. We are going to need the help of investors to either contribute with their money or time.

Joseph Ngaka

I’m sure this must have been a very very long wait to hear this wonderful man.

Michael Curry

I’ll say, I believe that in particularly adult education, there needs to be a paradigm shift.

Raoul McKinnon

Realisation came to sink in, when we realised this is not a magic wand. It is only a tool, and it is only as good as the person directing the use of that in the class as well as the resources loaded onto the table.

Leon Du Toit

The language is correct. We can invest in human dignity, it is not an investment that talks about money. You are investing in a legacy that is left behind. When you look at the building that is being constructed, you will have invested in the child’s education.

Bhekisisa Ndlovu

But some schools have very strong links, but again it’s a kind of a silo approach, so we've got some schools that are performing very well and getting lots of sponsorship and lots of money and upgrades and other schools that look like they could fall down any minute.

Odette Swift

So I don’t right know feel that I’m pitching for money. However, there is within this room an amazing gold mine of skills.

Kathy McCabe

The idea that we have is that we want to latch onto the fact that children nowadays are tech-savvy and they want to do things that way. Maybe that would encourage them also to be more disciplined in terms of learning.

Russel Andrews

Many teachers come into my office saying “sir, things need to be done. We just don’t know what needs to be done, and how to do it.” We know that some I have an easy answer, just let her exit the school, and go to another school.

Terry Martin

What is it that they need to do? Early morning they need to assist our children in getting them ready for learning, integrating their brains, switching on their eyes, switching on their ears, making them feel safe so that the teachers can do their task of educating our kids.

Ridwan Samodien

And as I told you, we are very proactive, we don’t watch for things to happen, we make things happen and that’s why I’m here, to see if we can get investors to invest in my little diamonds.

Waldy Kastoor

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