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What I Value in our Teachers

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The prophet of Isla Mugammad is reported to have said that one of the greatest human character traits a person can have is the ability to show gratitude and to say thank you, firstly to the Almighty and then to your fellow man.

Ben Zander says that if you bestow an A-status onto a person, that person will live into that status. So in order to receive the best from our teachers we have bestowed the A-status onto them and called them the A-Team, in the hope that they will live into that status.

What I therefore value the most in our teachers is their mindfulness. The awareness that we have an education crisis on our hands and that it is within their hands to make a difference in the lives of our children. They have a deep understanding that in order to make the change they need, they must embrace and show up in an A-status each and every day so that in turn they can enrol their learners to live in the A-status. This is the only formula that will speak success and holistic development over our kids. Teachers are phenomenal human beings.

I salute their: Tenacity, their resolve to do whatever it takes to ensure that learners develop.

Their deep pockets of Empathy, trying to resolve the emotional and social issues which cause stumbling blocks, Their ability to Affirm our kids and using it to uplift them out of their personal situation of strife.

Their Caring hearts, showering their love upon all those placed in their hands. Their Humanitarianism, sacrificing and willingly giving of themselves unselfishly; Their flexibility to Embrace the changes and challenges to deliver a monstrosity of a curriculum and all this for a too-often Reward-less and thankless Job. That is why it is up to me to thank them for all they do…no matter how small.

I stand in awe and Thank God for the wonderful beings he has blessed us with. This being, a super human being…called a teacher.

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