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Sharing Reflections over adult education in South Africa

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There are many questions within Adult Education. A few deeply concern us.

1. Is there a need for Adult Education?

Sadly, in South Africa we’re faced with wide economic gaps, viz. the super rich and the super poor. Our Super poor are faced with socio-economic problems and social evils, high unemployment rates, high crime rates, high teenage pregnancy rates, substance abuse, high drop-out rates, etc. The list is endless. We most definitely have a serious need for Adult Education!

2. How communities should perceive Adult Education.

Currently, it’s seen as a gap filler. It needs to be perceived as a more important part in the Education equation. It must be glamourised and seen as an integral part of our societies.

3. What role must Government play in Adult Education?

Adult Education is currently grossly neglected and is regarded as not wanting to grant marginalised communities a second chance. Gov. must be more consultative (with the proper role players!). Their archaic rules must be modified, they must be more supportive and assist Adult Education financially!

4. What content must Adult Education cover?

Currently the emphasis is purely academic and training. Adult Education should incorporate life skill, viz. listening skills, people and social skill, financial skills, etc.

5. The way Adult Education is conducted.

Presently Adult Education is mainly teacher centred. IT should become technology centred, incorporate technological advances (computers, tablets, cell phones, etc.) E-learning is here to stay and it needs to maximize its impact for the benefit of learning

Adult Education plays a profoundly important role in the development of our communities.This needs to be projected in such a fashion that all role players look at Adult Education with polished smiles!

This article is co-authored with Mr Raoul McKinnon

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