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why principals should review their roles as leaders

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Let me begin by sharing a couple of slogans from my wife’s workplace: Firstly, 'I own the problem and I own the solution.' and secondly 'We love our clients and when we have our meetings, we make decisions as if they are present in the room with us.'

What could be the problem-and-solution? Who are our clients and their needs? We can’t sleep at night if we don’t give our students and their families what they came for at our institutions, right?

Preparing future citizens and leaders means we can’t afford to make mistakes. As trailblazers we have to go out of our way to ensure we prepare them to be ready for the next level. We reflect on our role daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Despite the challenges we face, remember: We own the problem, We own the solution. This is why Wisehub exists. You have trusted relationships to rely on as you define the problem and, together, we work out solutions.

To be specific, the problem may be social-economic-psychological-political. No matter the situation, we need to empower our faculty, community, and learners towards well-designed, sustainable solutions. Whether they lack content knowledge, moral values, or other concerns - you name it - it’s our business. We own the problem, We own the solution.

I agree with the statement, “If a teacher instructs a learner a thousand times and the student still fails, then the teacher clearly has got a problem.” We lead by aiding our teachers and make their work go smoothly as they facilitate the instruction of the learners for whom they are accountable. To teach professionalism, we must be mentors and models for our faculty and staff. By our demonstration how they can be empowered to take on the responsibility for owning their problems and owning their solutions.

We must not fail these kids.

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