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The way I see It

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We live in an ever changing world, demanding that traditional education approaches need to be modified. New technologies bring with it a set of tools which can be utilized to enhance the quality of education for our learners - especially since some technological solutions are ubiquitous. In fact, our children are exposed to Smart Phones and many tech devices from an early age.

Yet, at almost every single meeting that I have attended, few leaders seem to integrate the ICT in their own lives - ICT that they want to see integrated in their schools.

While I have been advocating the integration of Technology at Parkview Primary School, I realized that setting an example by up-skilling myself is a crucial component of ICT integration in our school.

Making a real effort to attend as many ICT Integration sessions as possible, I have over recent years improved my knowledge and skills with the very useful IPad sessions which was presented at Eversdal primary School some time ago.

These aside, I have stayed at the cutting edge of innovative practices by learning about Sam Glicksman’s iPads in Education, the Innovation in Education Summit which was held in DURBAN, November, 2013, the Transforming Education through the iPad by Abdul Choihan from the Esra Academy - Birmingham, and many more.

By constantly exploring national and international collaborative possibilities, I’ve found a way to extend the horizons of our children, using inexpensive communications technologies like Skype with our Swedish- and Italian partners.

Let’s set the pace as leaders by making a real effort to increase our own knowledge of what ICT tools for learning. Our children will follow.

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