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What a grandchild can do to an educator's perspective

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Not too long ago, I became a grandmother and as an educator, there is so much that I have learned from this new role. As a grandparent, you have a different set of eyes and you see, not only how blessed you are, but you understand just how complex parental and grandparental relationships are in relation to young children. What I have observed as an educator is that a child raised by grandparents are spoiled and may lack parental love. Also, on several occassions at a parentsā€˜ meeting there seem to be a degree of shame amongst children when their grandparents come to school. The world of my school in Kwazulu Natal sees many grandparents as parents and the children seem to look down upon themselves, compared to those that come with parents. The education system expects and demands that parents play a helping and assisting role in the lives of their children and understandably so. With grandparents it seems as if the capacity to take that role is not always there. Taking into consideration that a lot of children are raised by their grannies, the grandmother deals with a set of different complexities like: Irresponsible and immature young mothers Vulnerable and Orphaned children Lack of resources to manage and navigate through the normal demands of raising a child. Personally, it was a great joy to become a grandmother and I immediately know when my daughter called on that wonderful day, that a new phase for all of us, including me, began. As an educator, I want to remain aware of the needs of our grandmothers. Join me.

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