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Young in South Africa - why I have hope

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Truly, I have hope in the upcoming generation of South Africa, now is our chance to lead all of Africa. We are going to make a difference in Africa. Often, I wonder, “Is Africa the next big developing continent?” However, we often refer to Africa as one unit of poverty. We can change the conversation by fully realising the opportunity we have in this resource-rich land.

Africa is quite wealthy in minerals and natural assets. We need education and skills to make a living out of them. Education is the most powerful weapon to fight poverty. It really hurts to see children on the street when they are supposed to be at school. My hope is to be part of a Wisehub-led effort to encourage my fellow youth to establish more schools, find sustainable funding and help qualify more teachers.

The main reasons for the low education performance rates are many and varied. They include the lack of proper schooling facilities and unequal opportunity for education. Many principals and educational leaders find it hard to employ teachers due to the low pay. They also have difficulty due to the lack of suitable, qualified educators. This is particularly true for schools in rural areas. Most people who manage to receive education would prefer to move to big cities or even overseas where more prospects and higher pay await. They soon forget about our dream of changing lives in Africa. My hope is to remain and be a part of the determination to retain talented youth who seek to better the lives of our brothers and sisters who have not received the same kind of support to follow through on their education and personal goals.

I believe the only people who can transform Africa are Africans. As a teacher of the RHDHV Saturday School initiative, I believe in making significant improvements to the society. I am a firm believer in our company’s slogan, “ENHANCING SOCIETY TOGETHER.” I believe in changing, I believe in innovation, I also believe in integration in education. I will never lose hope in my Africa; my motherland. Ours is the Billionaire Generation with billions of ideas to improve education, billions of ideas to change lives in our communities and billions of dreams to billions of young Africans to achieve billions of goals through my help in education.

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