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Why I will never give up on our children

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Working for the benefiting of our children is like investing in the future. I love the future and I am very positive about it. I refuse to give up on our children. I consciously chose to be a teacher. One of my reasons were that I could see them everyday. As teachers we have a pastoral duty because we believe that children are priceless treasures and gifts from God.

The children we raise these days have so many social challenges. It is therefore our collective responsibility to empower them, to develop them holistically. Why give up on them? They have a right to receive an education that empowers them to realize their full potential.

There is a need for patience - time to build their character which in turn will benefit us and ensure a meaningful future. That is another reason why I will not give up on them - I would have failed in achieving this vision of being there for them, one day at a time. We cannot control the weather, we may not be able to preserve the resources we have, we may not be able to save all the endangered species in this world, yet we bring restoration and hope to our children.

A sage once said “Children are the only future the human race has” and I totally subscribe to not giving up on them. We need to carefully shape them to be ready for that future and we need o protect them so we can have a society that learns to protect one another.

We need to teach them love so we can have a loving society, demonstrate the value of tolerance, which will teach them patience.

Life can be tough and because our children are raised with such extreme hardships, they look to us and are affected by our way of doing things. It’s time we renew their hope by not giving up on them.

In my everyday life, I teach, support, encourage, build, renew, restore and nurture because I believe in the future - my child, your child, my neighbour’s child, my community’s children. Because, as it is said, that “it takes a village to raise a child”, I challenge you to join me in expanding their boundaries and remember that, in them, lies the future. I won’t throw away the future and that’s why I will never give up on them.

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