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What Students Have Told me About the Value of Making their Own Movies

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For over 27000 years, since the first cave paintings were discovered, telling stories has been one of our most fundamental communication methods. My students have learned that we all enjoy a good story.

One of the crew members approached me and explained how he sees filmmaking adding value. This boy, Reginald Barendse is an acclaimed base-ball player. He coaches the young players. He told me that he was excited to learn how to be a filmmaker. His dream is to film his coaching tips and build up an archive of coaching clips that can be used to help player improve their game. Reginald became committed and persevered. His reward was winning the Best Producer Award for the crew’s entry in the South African Teen Film Festival.

The members of the crew told me they were very nervous when I took them to meet people in the filmmaking industry. They were very glad to overcome their nervousness and chat to award winning filmmakers and exchanging ideas and telephone numbers.

They could not stop telling me how they enjoyed the winter school workshop at CityVarsity College in Cape Town. They were very happy and proud to use the skills learned to make their first short film at the end of the workshop. This boosted their confidence to work on their award winning short film.

What they also appreciated was the following principles that is being used in the project: What is in it for me?, Let them have their say, Make it achievable, Help them to remember, Let them learn from failure, Provide incentives and Make it fun, learning the technology and appreciating the value of networking, being encouraged by others. We must keep the film rolling for them.

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