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Relationships - a crucial core

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How your transformation happens will be directly effected and affected by the relationships in your life. As I continue to learn more about “Transformational Learning Theory”, I am drawing closer to the conclusion that, one way or another, transformation is going to happen. We as educators have the awesome privilege to evoke a ‘disorienting dilemma” to teach lessons. Certainly, “life happens” and these events bring about special learning. Regardless of whether we initiate or react, we can lead others through their journey while we also are being transformed.

On this grand adventure, we find support within committed, trusted relationships. That’s Wisehub – a professional learning community!! Each of us offers a different viewpoint, which in turn creates ‘perspective transformation’. As we serve, we need this renewing of the mind. We desire real connections, authentic interactions and immediate changes to take place in our hearts and then we transfer them to our staff rooms, classrooms, and homes.

The impact of others will test, shape and define our values. Relationships are foundational for fully understanding and completing your mission and vision. You and your team must fully know everybody’s strengths and limitations. Why waste precious resources: time, money, and energy? Get out there and change other’s perspectives by providing them a better understanding of their capabilities and proficiencies. Help them transform by embracing their gifts. In the process you will, with the help of God, cause significant wisdom to build confidence and invigorate growth.

My prayer: Be encouraged to make the most of those God-given assets you have inside of you. Inspire others! You have been called as an agent of change and sometimes this makes others question. When this happens, I suggest you listen to a song by hip-hop artist, Lecrae: “Anomaly”.

“Anomaly, deviation from the common rule; something or somebody that’s abnormal. That doesn’t fit in. I say that’s exactly what we are. We are the odd, the outcast, the peculiar, the strangers. They say we don’t fit in.But I say we are exactly who God created us to be. Anomalies. The system didn’t plan for this.”

You are now affectionately known as an ‘anomaly’ – Go forth knowing we are right here with you.

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