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The Possibilities in under-resourced Communities

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Children are the most valuable and valued possessions of any community. We work with the families who have the ultimate responsibility for the child; we, as educators, need to support the child’s ‘first teachers’. Children cannot determine their conditions of living when they are born. They cannot control factors that will impact their development like who their parents are and the location of their upbringing. They cannot decide beforehand if they are going to struggle to survive or if they are going to be born into an affluent family.

Poorer children are looking forward to a happy life just as much as more affluent children are looking for bliss. They also have dreams and hopes and needs to address. We, as educators, can assist these less affluent children by serving the communities and creating an atmosphere where they are able to rise out of their circumstances and compete in this wide open world of opportunities.

I want to help these children. I want to make a difference in the life of at least one child who wants to get out of the cycle of poverty, unemployment and ‘social nothingness’. There are extremely intelligent human beings within our poorer, disadvantaged communities. There are children who deserve a chance of becoming great individuals in whatever field they determine. They can only do so if we prepare the path for them. One teacher can make a difference in their lives. One child can be saved from a fate of achieving nothing.

That is why I am on this journey of attempting to make a difference in the lives of the 1,125 learners under my care and supervision. That is why I am attempting to inspire my colleagues and to make every possible effort in my power to create opportunities for my children.

My mission and objective is to make a difference. I yearn to create opportunities for my children to achieve success and know they are significant members of our community. With the help of many these leaders of tomorrow will burst out of the cycles of poverty and no hope into the cycle of accomplishment, achievement, and happiness.

Let’s dream for our children. Let’s dream with our children! Let’s come together to determine the possibilities and create opportunities for them to be fruitful, thriving members who grow from being valued to creating value within our under-resourced communities.

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