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Why every Principal should be a Wisehubber

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Seriously, I know what it feels like! I sympathise with every school principal who would like all their teachers and pupils to follow their example, work hard and score high marks in the ANAs… and for every parent to pay their school fees on time… and for the Education Department to ensure that schools are well resourced and classes small and curriculum unchanging for a few years.

Then I wake up and I realise that it was just a dream.

But it is MY dream to see an improvement in education standards in our time in South Africa. It must come from the hearts and minds and attitudes of those of us working in schools every day. Imagine if we had a safe, comfortable space where school principals could get together and support each other; share their joys and frustrations; reach out to funders for help with specific school projects; inspire each other to carry on.

Oh yessss!!! We have such a place! It’s the Leaders’ Wisehub – a place where school principals are the acknowledged leaders; where they can stand up and speak, and others will listen. It’s a forum where principals are supported; where an incredible technological framework is being set up to make life as easy as possible for busy school leaders. Belonging to this forum takes time and effort. It takes us out of our comfort zones. It asks more of us, when we are exhausted from the daily struggle of working within schools in a crumbling education system… But it is SO worth it!

Together, Wisehub principals can achieve much more than standing alone. We can’t solve all the problems around us, but we are leaders in education. We help to hold communities together. We want the best for our children. We are needed now more than ever before. Society needs school principals to be agents for change and for good in South Africa. Wisehubbers are a team of heartfelt, passionate people. We are all people who struggle and get tired and make mistakes… We are on a journey and we are learning more each day.

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