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Friday, 27 November 2015 15:22

'one person can change the world'

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Okay, I just want to see the Saturday school project winning. I just want to see it growing and make an impact, - they have to make an not just education but even personally. We need to teach them how to respect people. It is very important. Without respecting and without good morals they are going nowhere.So I think we have to teach them even some other stuff besides education and then I want to see them making a change in the world.

As we know even one matchstick can burn a whole forest, and one person can change the whole world. That’s what I want to see, even our project, Light After Matric, I want to see it be a success. We can be successful, that one will really make me happy and proud.

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What I want is to see the children getting good marks at the end of the matric, getting a better life and I want to see also more and more schools getting involved in the Saturday schools like we see in the MacBooks and the mobile phones.More and more schools getting involved into the project saturday school, getting it bigger, growing it more. That’s all I can say

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I’ve always wanted to see all my learners, the learners that I teach, getting good quality marks on the specific subject that I teach. Also giving them the mentorship to being well-groomed, respectable persons so that they can really go back to their families and bring about the change, to be the change that they want to see in their lives in their families.

And regardless of the past that they are from. Yea, and now with the- with what you said… really put on too much pleasure to even see beyond the Saturday school. Yea, it’s huge, the impact can in fact go as far as beyond SA (South Africa). That’s if we put on everything that we have, in this day. Yep

Friday, 27 November 2015 13:39

'They can be better than us.'

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Okay, I think you have touched my heart with all these things we’ve been saying, the advices, it really like showed me… it really showed me a bigger picture of how to view my life in career, because now everything was shut down, I could’t even think straight, I’ve been drinking sleeping-tablets, just to optimise my stress.

But then, I’ve realised at least you guys are here for us, to give us advice, to make us feel better. At some point, but my commitment as for now - as before, because now I still have to do more self-introspection.

I’ve seen many of the students becoming the better person for tomorrow, for the future, because of what really broke my heart was to see the environment where they were living. So I know at some point, they can become better, for themselves and for their families, and better than us, as I can say with or without money.

My commitment was to give them the vision, and try to see life in other positive aspects. Then living, driving, themselves without money saying they don’t have money to do 1, 2, 3, 4. They have to know that there are other people who care about them in the world.

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Royal Haskoning DHV in Bloemfontein was home to the last training and development session of Engineers for Saturday Classes for the 2015 program.

Darren Stewart travelled from Cape Town to Bloemfontein to spend time with Engineers: Elias Chakane, Lindiwe Hinana, Joseph Ngaka and Tshidiso Mohapi who, despite changes and challenges in their own lives and work, remain committed to build the house they planned as part of an innovative project to help Grade 12 Learners with light after their 2016 examination.

During the session, Mr Stewart guided the team through becoming familiar with open-source software, using the MacBooks as video- and audio content creating devices in order to improve the interest in the students to attend the Saturday classes. All the content will then be uploaded to Mobile Phones sponsored by Sprint, USA that will help students add to their knowledge between the Saturday classes.

An introduction into 3D modeling software was aided by the Engineers' familiarity with Autocad. A 3D Printed model of the house is planned.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015 23:38

Summit helps to jump-start Projects for Learning

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The Wisehub Innovation Summit in Education (WISE), held at the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein jump-started projects that provide real solutions in South African education for 2016 and beyond.

School principals from the Western Cape-, Free State-, Kwazulu-Natal- and Gauteng province pitched their project ideas in order to improve the quality of learning experiences for their students in their respective schools.

Additional project ideas came from leaders within Adult Education, a young group of Engineers who teach at the Royal Haskoning DHV’s Saturday School Initiative, Mathematics teachers and the Director of the Deaf Federation of South Africa.

All the presenters are part of the Wisehub Community in South Africa - a think tank that enlarges the knowledge, skills and understanding of leaders in order to implement innovative solutions for the country’s learning needs.

“I thought this was a small thing, but this is a big thing,” said Royal Haskoning DHV Regional Manager, Mr Thabo Khunyeli after the conference. Mr Khunyeli listened and provided feedback to each of the project pitches. All projects are aiming for implementation in 2016. Mr Khunyeli was accompanied on the feedback panel by esteemed Fellow of South African Academy of Engineering (FSAAE), Mr Nape Maepa, Mr Terrence Martin, Founder of 5th Factor and the Deputy Director of general Education for the Free State Department of Education, Mr Khoarai Khoarai.

Monday, 19 October 2015 09:26

Millions of Impressions at Wisehub Summit

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The Wisehub Innovation Summit in Education created an opportunity for leaders in education to share their ideas to change the landscape for education in South Africa.

They became the voice that they believed were sorely lacking. Supported by the Wisehub Coaching team, their voices were proclaimed with fervour via social media. In fact, the buzz was of such nature that, at one junction, in the middle of the Rugby World Cup Event competing with the mighty Springboks, the hashtag, #wisehub2015 was trending in South Africa reaching an all-time high of 4 out of the top 10 trends in the country!

No less than 3.35 million impressions later, reaching 168 000 accounts, the word spread about the power to change by becoming captains of projects for learning, answering the call to become transferable and becoming wise lifelong learners.

Sunday, 18 October 2015 19:00

Allowing Young Voices to be Heard

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Students moved to the center during the Wisehub Innovation Summit in Education in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

“We have our conferences about students and about their learning and we should really include them in these conferences”, said St Bernards Secondary School principal, Mr Thapelo Pitso during the 2014 summit.

Many other delegates at that summit shared his concern and, as a consequence, Learning Academy Worldwide extended invitations and funded logistical needs that enabled the students to participate in this year’s event. Students from St Bernards and Hodisa Technical Secondary School shared in all the activities over all three summit days.

“These experiences are crucial for our young people and has the possibility of adding significantly to their self-esteem and provides tangible memories upon which they can hinge milestones in their lives,” explained Learning Academy Worldwide Founder, Theophilus van Rensburg Lindzter.

Seartec, one of Learning Academy Worldwide’s partners, added valuably to their media sponsorship by giving the students Mathematics support during the summit. The company’s Education Specialist, Mrs Tal Moore, demonstrated the value of skillfully navigating on a Scientific Calculator. A Mathematics teacher herself, Mrs Moore impressed upon the students the importance of sharpening the mind while solving problems and made a clear link between the Scientific Calculator as a tool and the responsibility of the student to think. The students shared these learning experiences during the Youth in Dialogue session of the summit.

“This is the reason why I come to this summit every year” explained Mr Nape Maepa, Fellow of South African Academy of Engineering (FSAAE). “I attend this unique summit because I get to see these young people and have the honour to encourage them, but also to be encouraged by them, their energy and innovative spirit”, he continued.

Thursday, 01 October 2015 11:29

The Wisehub Story - Another Chapter

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In 2014, during the Innovation in Education Bloemfontein Summit, as school principals and leaders of learning organizations deliberated over the solutions needed for their learning environments, Dr Patrick Maesela (MP) lamented over the excessive negativity that he heard. He was, together with many others, deeply concerned over the 'paralysis' evident from the critical tone of the reflections. It all sounded like one big noise and a "pathetic effort to cover your own nakedness with leaves", as the Doc put it.

'If we are the government' Dr Maesela challenged, 'the capacity to change what should and must be changed, is in our hands'.

Inspired by this gauntlet, the last day of the summit was dedicated to answering the single question: 'How do you turn a Noise into a Voice?'.

Everyone present not only understood the importance of the question but vowed to take the necessary steps in order to act on the implications of the probe. School principals, Leaders, Teachers, Managers in the corporate sector, Investors from South Africa and Italy immediately after November 2014, dedicated their time and financial resources to turning that noise into a voice.

Unhindered by distances and logistical handicaps, individuals and businesses connected with each other, sourced information together, funded travel and donated money and time to support and fund a wide range of projects. Ranging from Special Needs Education to Saturday Classes to Reading Improvement Technology-Assisted learning projects, these initiatives were crowned by the first major milestone in June earlier this year when twenty one voices carved out precious time to source additional knowledge and skills in order to bring crisp clarity to the powerful ideas that they harbour for this land.

The business sector, with Royal Haskoning DHV and Communications Management Support, at the forefront, responded by dedicating additional funding for these leaders to impact their schools and learning organizations. Also, the Swedish-based non-profit, Learning Academy Worldwide, prodded for these leaders to be the experts and asked for a bigger slice of the funding to be allocated to this priority.

As a direct result of that support and the commitment from Principals and their schools, space was created for contemplations and reflections. Structured around interactions with collaborators from South Africa and Italy, the June 2015 event provided a basis for powerful concepts to be refined in preparation for the Wisehub Innovation Summit in Education scheduled for October.

During that pre-summit event in Cape Town, three major areas were discussed: Fiscal Management, Special Needs Education and Leading as Mentors. These were chosen as a starter and represented a set of categories based on concerns that were raised in earlier dialogue with Learning Academy Worldwide founder, Theophilus van Rensburg Lindzter.

As a consequence of all these, Saturday, 17th October, 2015, will bring with it the achievement of a major milestone - one where the contemplations and reflections of these serious men and women will be showcased to stand as pillars upon which others can build.

For once, the expert who will turn a noise into a voice, will not be another sage on the stage, but a tower in the trenches.

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